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Saturday Classes

Saturday classes start after Easter and are an excellent vehicle for consolidating concepts and practising skills for the 11+ and improving performance in general.

The sessions last for 3 hours, with a short break half way through when the children can enjoy some outside play.

The extended time allows us to introduce two or three different activities in each session and to go through each one thoroughly.

There will still be the need for teaching during these sessions but the children will be given practice papers to familiarise them with the format of the 11+ and to help improve their speed.

At the end of the term you will receive a summary of the scores your child has achieved and suggestions for areas which may need more study. Note: If a child has also attended After School Classes, only one report will be given.

You will, of course, be most welcome to discuss your child's progress with us at any time.

Venues, Times and Prices

Hurst Community Centre


Hurst Place,
Hurst Road,
Bexley, Kent,



09:00 - 12.00

Cost :

£40 for 3 hour session (A deposit of £50 is required at Registration)


Every Saturday

Your child's place will be allocated for the WHOLE of the summer term, not part of it. It is not possible to do reserve a place for part of the term.

25th April 2020 - 16th May 2020 inclusive - 4 weeks - £160
No lessons 23rd May 2020 and 30th May 2020 - Half Term

6th June 2020 - 18th July 2020 inclusive - 7 weeks - £280

Contact: Phone: 0208 850 7276
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