After School Lessons For Year 4's

The advantage of starting your child with us in Year 4 gives us the opportunity to identify early on their strengths and any weaknesses.

In so doing, we can put strategies into place to accommodate each child's individual needs and allow them to reach their full potential. At the end of the Summer Term, your child will be given a report outlining the work covered, their achievements and if necessary, suggesting areas which may require more study.

Our classes run for 1.5 hours every Monday and Tuesday

Our primary objective is to support the children's learning in Numeracy and Literacy ensuring that the building blocks are in place, in preparation for extending and developing their knowledge of concepts and skills in these core areas.

We aim to improve their confidence by offering opportunities to work collaboratively as well as on their own, and at all times we will be there to support and assist them.

We will do this in a variety of ways; all aimed at making their learning fun.

They will experience problem solving activities and games designed to reinforce mathematical concepts, spelling patterns and vocabulary.

In the process, we will introduce them to Verbal and Non-Verbal type questions, exploring different techniques and strategies required to solve a variety of problems. In English pupils will be encouraged to extend their vocabulary and improve comprehension skills.

We started in Year 4 After Shool Lessons which laid a solid foundation that helped him grasp the underlying concepts and techniques required to progress to more complex problems, especially as both Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning were not taught at his school .  Starting in Year 4 didn’t put us under any pressures closer to the exams, as we had built knowledge gradually over time and this is so important. It was not pressured and done in a fun, interactive but result oriented manner . The feedback received  with a  review of areas to pay more attention to, was priceless!   Jesse was deemed selective. We couldn’t be more grateful and proud for everything! Thank you so much Mrs Smedley and Mrs Clinton.
B & G Feyita - Sept 2019

Additional Tuition in Sidcup

Our expert tutors have 40+ years of experience of teaching in the Sidcup and Bexley area.
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More than just after school classes

Having a whole day means we can also offer more problem solving activities designed to get the children thinking "outside the box"

More About After School Classes

Our objective is to teach the children the skills to enable them to be confident, independent thinkers and learners.

We want pupils to enjoy their learning and achieve their potential. We cater for a variety of 11+ exams boards including the Independent sector.

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Saturday Classes

Our Saturday classes are an excellent vehicle for your child to consolidate concepts and practise skills for the 11+.

We run extended sessions allowing us to introduce two or three different activities in each session and to go through each one thoroughly.

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